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Free from smoking in one session

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Holistic Health Hypnotherapy at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham

Pip Bateman of Holistic Health Hypnotherapy is proud to be linked with The Magnolia Therapy Centre. Our aim is to help individuals deal with issues around stress management as effectively as possible so they can move on and enjoy life with a healthy and positive outlook.

So, if you are seeking some stress management in Nottingham, give hypnotherapy with

Pip Bateman a try. Hypno-reflexology is often a good way to try out hypnosis whilst being relaxed by reflexology. Your body becomes relaxed whilst I take your subconscious on a tranquil journey.

You may want to reduce your anxiety levels, stop smoking, eliminate fears or phobias, conquer public speaking nerves, improve your confidence, ignite your weight loss, uplift your confidence or simply improve your sense of wellbeing.........

So, what is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring altered state of consciousness similar to daydreaming or the drifting process we experience just before we sleep. Hypnotherapy induces a trance-like state during which the person is so deeply relaxed that the unconscious becomes accessible to suggestion. Our unconscious mind is very powerful but it open to suggestion when our conscious mind is relaxed.

We go into a hypnotic state more than you realise. When we watch a film, our conscious mind knows that it is a story but our subconscious mind can be drawn into the emotions being portrayed. Also, when we drive somewhere and perhaps don’t remember passing through places on route. Our minds will have been wandering as we go through the driving process.

Allow yourself to be take hold of your stress management and become open to receiving hypnotherapy with Pip Bateman at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham.

How may hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy can be used either to reduce or eliminate symptoms, or in psychological treatment, enable individual and therapist to access material hidden from the consciousness. The goal of hypnosis is to help people gain control over behaviour, emotions, disease, addictions and habits. Hypnotherapy enables people to take hold of their stress management processes leading themselves to a calmer, more peaceful life

Hypnosis is commonly used to treat anxiety and conditions, which have a strong psychological component such as addictions and irritable bowel syndrome.

Pip Bateman, Clinical Hypnotherapist at The Magnolia Therapy Centre has experience of helping people of all ages and backgrounds.

To find out more see my Services page.

Hypnotherapy Gift Vouchers

Looking for an unusual and comforting gift for a loved one?

A Hypnotherapy Gift Voucher may be just what you are looking for.

This voucher allows your loved one to try hypnotherapy to discover how effective it is at uplifting their sense of well being and assisting their stress management.

Vouchers cost £120 for Hypnotherapy. Vouchers are not available for smoking cessation as this must be the individual's choice. They are personalized and printed on quality parchment paper enclosed in a matching envelope.

Each voucher is valid for 3 months from purchase date.

Just contact Pip Bateman to share gift information and make payment and the voucher will be posted to you.

A gift of special effects. Visiting the Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham will allow your loved one's inner beauty to really shine

About your Hypnotherapy Treatments

Pip Bateman is a professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mind Coach.

A full health consultation will take place over the telephone and during that time, you have the opportunity to discuss your reasons for opting for Hypnosis and Pip will give you an insight into how Hypnotherapy works.

If you feel ready to try hypnotherapy an appointment at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham can be arranged.

At your first appointment you will be relaxed and comfortable as Pip focuses on your breathing allowing you to relax deeper and deeper.

Pip uses positive suggestions to enable you to take the first steps to finding your more comfortable way of dealing with your issues and enables you to embrace your own stress management tools.


For general enquiries and to book a session please contact:

Pip Bateman: 07833587091


Appointments available at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham

If you prefer to, just send us an email via our contact form below.

Holistic Health Hypnotherapy Location

The Magnolia Centre

354 Mansfield Road

Mapperley Park



Pip Bateman Tel: 07833587091


Hypnotherapy treatments with Pip at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham cost £120/session. The first session may last 2 hours.

Smoking Cessation is a one off payment of £195 for a 2 hour session.

Hypno-reflexology costs £80 for a 1 hour session.

Reflexology costs £60 for a 1 hour session.

Indian Head Massage costs £50 for a 45 minute session.

Payment for each session is by Cash or Bank Transfer on the day of each treatment.

Please give at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend an appointment by calling Pip on 07833587091

Pip actively aims to introduce you to stress management skills to enable your journey.

When are appointments available?

Hypnotherapy appointments are available at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham with Pip on Tuesdays to Saturdays each week.

Treat yourself to this effective way of enhancing your stress management approach.

Call Pip Bateman to find out more and to book your introductory session: 07833587091

Hypnotherapy FAQs

Will I be out of control?

No, you are ALWAYS in control, no matter what you may have seen on the TV! Hypnosis is a therapeutic technique that very gently eases you into a pleasant state of relaxation. The hypnotherapist can then work on deeper areas of your consciousness, where all substantial changes take place.

At any time you want to stop the session, you will be able to, and you will relax as deeply as you want.

The fact is, that the experience is very pleasant, so you are probably more likely to go deeper than you realise.

The subconscious doesn't respond to negative, only positive suggestions and imagery, so the experience leaves you feeling really positive, relaxed and refreshed.

Allow yourself to embrace your own positive stress management techniques in the comfort of The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham.

Will I be able to be hypnotised?

A high percentage of the population can be hypnotised.

You will experience very deep sense of relaxation during hypnotherapy. Pip is an experienced therapist and will know exactly what to do to help you to relax.

Your subconscious will learn effective stress management tools that will allow you to move forward positively and with strength.

Contact Pip to arrange your first appointment at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham.

How may sessions will I need?

Hypnotherapy addresses issues within your subconscious mind and the results are quickly achieved for you.

Pip works with you positively with the aim being to resolve your issue in as few sessions as required . The first session will be up to a couple of hours long. This way, you experience a much stronger result earlier on in the process. There is no standard set amount of sessions because you, as an individual are unique and hypnotherapy is person centered completely.

You will adopt stress management tools to assist you on your positive journey.

Smoking Cessation can be achieved in one x 2 hour session.

If you want to find out more, you can give Pip a ring on 07833587091 to make your first appointment at The Magnolia Therapy Centre, Nottingham.

Will everything I say be kept confidential?

Everything that is said within the therapy room is private – this is one of the main ways that talking therapies, such as hypnotherapy, differ from talking to a friend or relative. Once you are comfortable with the format of weekly sessions and the safe space they provide, you will find the freedom to speak in confidence is of great value.

Note that there are some situations where you may be a risk to yourself or others, and there the law requires that I notify an authority; in these cases I may not be able to keep total confidentiality. Breaking confidentiality is very rare though, and only happens after the person concerned has been informed.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me?

Usually I am asked this question by people who are nervous about looking for support with a hypnotherapist. This anxiety is understandable, but a key aspect of therapy is that you should feel free to talk about any issues you feel are important to you. Having someone else with you who can be connected those issues makes this opening-up more difficult, so for this reason I do not see clients accompanied by friends or family.

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